New Etsy Shop:

I just opened a new site on my Etsy Shop.  I am selling Giclee’ Prints of my Original Artwork in watercolor, oil and pastel.  They will be either 5×5 inch or 5×7 inch.  They will include a wood frame in a choice of five colors – Natural wood, Stained Brown Wood, Black Acrylic paint, White Acrylic Paint or Ivory Acrylic Paint.   The 5×5 are $12.50 and the 5×7 inch are $15.00.


I’m Back with Exciting News!

I’ve  been gone for awhile.  It has been the Holiday Season and life gets very busy, but I have been working on my Art.  I have decided to open up a Shop on Etsy and have been researching online different  tutorials on how to do that.  I am just about to open my site.   I am excited to offer framed  5×5 inch and 5×7 inch digital prints of my originals. These lovely acid free, archival prints will be put on canvas and will be mounted on a wood backing. The hand crafted frames by Lloyd Lycan will be finished  in 5 assorted colors- natural wood, dark wood stained, white, cream or black acyric. My goal is to get my work out of my house and into other peoples’ homes.  Many people can not afford original art work.  It takes alot of time and skill and effort and most artist wont sell that at a price where many can afford.  I have use my new rebel canon camera and have taken high quality photos of my artwork so I can share them with you.  My artwork is  printed by  J2 Blueprint which does amazing  professional quality work that is acid free and archival safe.  I also have covered the canvas with a varnish that will protect the print even furthur.

low resolution and size bird

5×5 inch oil of a Chickadee

The handmade frames for my prints are made by a good friend, Lloyd Lycan.  He has a wonderful wood shop and he cuts and puts together  my 5×5 inch and 5×7 inch wood  handmade frames. I am also selling my original paintings as well and they will be prominently displayed on my Etsy site for those interest in owning original artwork.  Here is a sample of my 5×5 artwork that is to come.

Nov. 15, 2015

I haven’t had a whole lot of time to paint, but I did start a new watercolor painting.  It is a combination of two photos I took while I was in New Zealand.  I was fascinated by the beautiful “Christmas Trees” they had with beautiful red flowers on them. My husband and I were there in Nov 2014 and the trees were in bloom.  We also saw many sheep along the way.  This is a scene from on top of the hill in Tauranga, New Zeland.                                       IMG_3879

Wallaby in Austrailia -Nov. 6 – 2015

50 resolution - Wallaby

I am starting a series of 5″x5″ small oil paintings.  This is a walleby that my husband and I saw in Melbourne at a small zoo.  They were all around us everywhere.  They loved to be petted.   I love animals, always have.  I love seeing the animals come alive as I paint.

An art teacher of mine showed me how to make these little frames by using masonite board and a kind of silk taffeta that you can buy in a fabric store.  It is great to paint on.  I used an adhesive to attach the taffeta.   I also had some frames made for them by a friend of mine.  They actually look good even without a frame.   I’m exited to get started on them.

Sunday – Finished my watercolor with a bit of struggle.

123. watermark - Amy Wycoff - watercolor

Okay, here is “Amy” finished.  She gave me some problems.  For example , I started out too heavy on the color and then accidently dropped color where color wasn’t suppose to be.  It happened to be a stainer but I refused to give up.  That is one thing I have learned from my art teachers about painting that I didn’t know.  Painting is a problem solving experience.  You don’t give up on it easily. Very rarely do you trash a painting.  That helped to know that.  I just thought artists put everything on canvas or paper with ease and were so good that they never had problems.  That is not so.  I have only been painting for 7 years but I have talked to seasoned artists and they still have their battles.

Saturday nite- Halloween

I have finished my watercolor of my niece and will be downloading it tomorrow.  I also did a 5″x5″ oil painting to put on my website under small paintings – 5″x5″-  These smaller painting will come with a frame that I had a friend of mine put together.  I made the  board that they are painted on with silk tafetta fabric.  I learned how to do it from a artist friend and will try and share it with you.   I would do all this tonight but I have the stomach flu and am heading to bed.  Happy Halloween.


I’m back.  I have had a few more hours to work on a new painting.  I can tell I haven’t painted for awhile.  I tend to go a bit heavy on the color.  I had to tone her way down.  Oh by the way, I’m working on a painting of my niece.  I was told it didn’t have the right lighting for a good painting but I just loved the picture so I am attempting it anyway.  This is a picture of my niece in a big furry snow parka and all you can see is her furry hood and her face and big beautiful eyes:) It is not finished yet, hopefully in    a few days.

Amy in her snow parka - painting in process