Day 2 of “Fireweed & Fir”

570 pixels -Day 2 - Fireweed and Fir watercolor (1)

As you can see, I changed the name of my tree. It is not a Pine Tree but a Fir tree. I did some research and I’m thinking that it is a White Fir or possibly a Noble Fir. It does have blue needles. I spent about an hour on my painting today. The temperature is in the triple digits and Im painting upstairs with only a fan so that is all for today. Hope to see you tomorrow. This will hopefully put pressure on me to paint daily.


“Fireweed and Pine” – beginning of a new painting

570 pixels -fireweed and pine painting. - watercolor (1)

I got up this morning and decided no matter what I am going to paint. It seems I only get in one session a week of watercolor and that just is not enough. My goal is to paint everyday for at least an hour to 40 min.

This new painting is a picture I took up in the Cascade Mountains above Roslyn, WA. There is a lake we go to up there called Cooper Lake. There are logging roads all through the mountains. My husband and I were on our usual evening drives up the bumpy logging roads and I took this photo. There is a lot of Fireweed and daisies up there at this time of the year.

Just started an Oil on Canvas of Daisy.

570 pixels Daisy - Oil on Canvas

We have four Chihuahua’s living with us for a period of time. They all belong to my son and his girlfriend. They really are sweet dogs. This is Daisy, she is the Aunt of the family. She keeps the other’s in line. She is part Chihuahua and part Dotson. She is very low key and friendly. I will be introducing the other three some time in the near future.

This is an Oil on Canvas and I just started working on it. I think it is fun to see the process so I will keep you up to speed as I go.

I forgot to show you Daisy when she was finished. It is my goal in the next month to get my website and blog up to date and going more frequently. I will fill you in on my plan in my next blog – Here is Daisy570 pixels - Chiweenie, Dog,Oil on Canvas,dog Portrait copy

New Idea for a travel Watercolor Palette!

Watercolor palatte.jpg

When I go traveling I like to sketch but my art palette is so large. A a friend of mine took a journaling course and they made little palette’s out of left over mate material. I decided to make my own. You just divide the board in sections and add a spot of your watercolor paint. Most of mine was still wet from adding new paints to my palette. If your paint is dry, I would just spray it with water and that should loosen it up. Once you make your palette, let it dry and then put wax paper over the top of it and put it in a plastic bag. Take it where ever you go!

Focus and Center myself

I have so many ideas about what I want to do with my art. My head just starts spinning with all my thoughts. I find myself moving too fast and thinking I always have to be doing something and it makes me feel off centered, anxious and not at peace. Art could consume every part of my life if I let it. That is not what I want. I want to be balanced and I tend to be compulsive and get unbalanced quite easily.

Today I took the time to center myself by getting down on my knees and praying to my Father in Heaven. I read an article in the LDS magazine – The Ensign- called “Rooted in Christ” My anxious feeling went away and peace started to enter into me. I’ve made a commitment or goal to start each day in quiet meditation and study of the Scriptures. I find when I do, I get much more out of my day and I am focused and guided in what the Lord would have me do. My priorities are My Faith, My Family, My Friends, My Art- in that order. I love art but I want my art to be a reflection of my love for Heavenly Father. I feel it was God who pushed me to explore art. I never had done much with it for 50 years. I didn’t know I had it in me. I just felt something inside me push me to take the time to learn about it. I want God to be my drive though and not my Art. It is very easy to get the two reversed. When I trust in God and turn my day and life over to Him and ask for His Spirit to guide me in what I should do each day, I am much more happy and at peace.

Worked on Oil on Canvas two more times.




Ande is coming along. The is starting to look more like her. I still need to work on her hair. She is a tow head and I need to thin her bangs out and lighten her hair up. I changed her lips and made them part a bit by adding some dark to the center line. Ande has very red cheeks. I’m wondering if I should tone them down a bit but they really are quite red naturally.


570 Pixels - Andelyn- Big Blue Eyes

Ande is a Tow Head and I have found it hard to capture that color.  I think I am done now.  This is an Oil on Canvas.

Group Shot of My 5″x5″&5″x7″ Giclee Prints

570 Pixels - Group Shot of my 5x5 5x7 Giclee Prints.jpgGreat Gift Ideas  for family and friends.  5×5 and 5×7 inch Giclee Prints of my Original Artwork.  $15.00 for 5×7 and $12.50 for 5×5.  Your choice of frame color.  You can contact me at  If you live in Vancouver – stop by and pick it up.  See my Etsy shop Lytlebitartistic if you want to order from there or want different sizes.

I will be adding New art soon.

New Paintings and up on my Etsy Shop – Lytlebitartistic

570 Pixels smart fix -Bernese Mountain Dog - Watercolor 2_edited-2 copy

Bernese Mountain Dog – 11×15- comes with a 16×20 double matte.

Are you looking for a gift for children, friends or adults.  Visit my Esty Shop at Lytlebitartistic. My Site has many of my original artwork in Giclee prints.  The prints are 5×5 inch and 5×7 inch and come with a frame of your choice.  I also some of my original paintings for sale.  Here is the link to my Etsy Shop

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The Second Painting is of the Portland Temple in Oregon, USA.  Many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints are married here in this building.  My second son Paul and his wife Alisa where married here.  This is a common wedding shot that couples like to take.  It is also available on my Etsy site in 5×7 inch size and the original is also available.

570 pixels quick fix - pastel - Hollyhocks _edited-1 copy

Here is a Original Pastel that is 8×10 inches.  I finished it yesterday.  My mother-in -law, Manetta, has beautiful Hollyhocks in her garden.  One day I was thinking about them and started to capture them with my pastels and this is what happened.  I didn’t really have a photo, just something in my head.  I hope you like it.


My Etsy Site is up with my 5×7 and 5×5 in Giclee Prints and Original Paintings

If you are interested in nice gifts for family and friends, visit my site and find Giclee Prints for all ages of people.  Here are some of my most recent paintings, some of which are not on the site yet.   I will also show you a painting I am working on for my son.  It is a gift for a friend of his.

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This next photo is a painting of my nieces dog, Moose in watercolor.  It is listed on Etsy.