Woodland Fairy Series

I have completed five of my “Woodland Fairy Series” and thought I would present them all together. I even got one order to do a Fairy for someone else. It was fun to work on them and I may add to the series from time to time. Here they are:

570 pixels - - Fairy, Hyacynth, Toad Lady Bug _edited-1 copy 2  # 1  -” The Frog, The Fairy and the Hydrangea”

I was walking along a stream in the woods with two of my Granddaughters. The Ferns and trickling water over rocks got me thinking of Fairies and little woodland people. I had the desire to paint a fantasy painting with my Grandchildren in it. Fairies came to my mind. I went through some of my pictures and have come up with five paintings I want to paint using my Grandchildren as models. This is #1. I will be painting the others soon. It was really fun doing this painting. I look forward to working on the others.   I have completed five of my “Woodland Fairy Series” and thought I would present them all together. I even got one order to do a Fairy for someone else. It was fun to work on them and I may add to the series from time to time. Here they are.Beginning of our Fairy Series -Summer of 2016FrogOur Walk in the Woods!- Beginning of our Fairy Series

The pictures above are some of the things that inspired my paintings. These are two of my sweet Granddaughters, and it all began on a summer day when Grandma (me) Lana and Locklyn went for a walk in the woods:)


#2 –  “Fairy in the Woods –

570 Pixels - Fairy in the Woods - Locklyn copy

Here it is! My Second Watercolor Painting in my Woodland Fairy Series. This is my sweet Granddaughter climbing on a mossy rock as we journey through the woods to see what we can find. I tell them about the Wild Blackberries,Salmon Berries, Thimble berries, Black Caps and Huckleberries that we might be able to munch on on our journey. I warn them about eating anything red or things that they are uncertain about. I tell them to stay away from the mushrooms in the forest and tell them never to eat them and why. My oldest Granddaughter is already off to the nearby stream to toss her wood boat in to see where the currant will take it.


#3 –  “The Things You See in Grandma’s Garden”570 pixles -of Fairy - Ande and the Hummingbird_edited-1 copy 3

It is always an adventure going out into my Grandparents garden. You never know what you will see amongst the greenery, bushes, vines, flowers and vegetable garden . As you peek through the hanging vines you might see baby raccoons hanging from the raspberry bushes eating to their hearts content. Looking up in the trees you often find fat cheeked squirrel’s busily munching from the bird feeder as the birds wait patiently to have their fill. The frogs in Grandma’s pond sing a beautiful melody while the Hummingbirds flit here and there taking their fill of nectar from the flowers and vines that grow all along the house. If you look close enough and are lucky enough you may run into the woodland fairies that stop from time to time to visit my Grandparents house and collect their fill of the blueberries, grapes and cherries that grow in abundance in the early summer.


#4 – “Washing Up!”

570 pixels - Woodland Fairy Series #4 - Freshening Up

I just finished #4 of my “Woodland Fairy Series.” Our family has a favorite place that we go in the Cascade Mountains. My Grandchildren think I am funny when I lay flat on the ground by the stream to get these kind of pictures. They even like it better when I use them as my models for my fairies. As a young girl, I would imagine my own little secret worlds as I would explore the creek beds around my home.


#5 – “Prince of The Trumpet Vines”

570 pixels - Fairy #5 - Woodland Fairy Series - Prince of the Trumpet Vines- full pixels -jpg_edited-1 copy

This is #5 of my Woodland Fairy Series. It is painted on Arches 11.5×15 watercolor paper. It is called “Prince of the Trumpet Vines”. This fairy is full of life and Trumpet vines definitely fit his character. We definitely know when he is around with the sounds of Trumpet blowing all through the Woodlands. He keeps all the Lytle Fairies on the go with his rough tumble play and love for exploration. Watch out world, here he comes!


Paintings in Process –













In my next blog, I will be introducing a new series along with an invitation to participate in my upcoming paintings.  Keep your eyes out!  Until next time:)


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