Looking at the Stars – Cascade Mt. Range


Sept 13,2016-

While I was up at the cabin in the Cascade Mountain Range about a week ago, I had some extra time to paint. I finished my Fairy watercolor painting and then I started experimenting with different paints to come up with a painting I had thought about doing the night before.

The night before I was laying in my bed at my in-law cabin that is up in the Cascade Mountains in Washington. The bed is right next to a big picture window. As I looked up into the night sky, I got lost in a world of stars. I could see the Silhouette of the Evergreen Trees shooting up to the sky with the Milky Way and Big Dipper in the Background. The light given off from the stars made the lake below glow. It was beautiful and I wanted to see if I could capture it. I wanted to paint it from a third person view.

I use a lot of staining watercolors and played around for awhile. I then took some dark acrylic to help make the Evergreens stand out more.


I also had a thought when I was painting that Life is a lot like painting.

I was meditating and thought about all the layers I was putting on my painting and not knowing quite how things would turn out, But I kept going because I was curious and I wanted to see how the staining paints worked with each other. There was a lot of trial and error and a step by step process.

I thought that was a lot like life, you never know what will happen unless you try. I think it is funny that I always have this big urge to paint, but when it gets right down to having to sit down and do it, I have to push myself. Once I start, I take off and things begin to happen. Some surprising, some expected and some not so good things. You would be surprised what you can problem solve to fix a watercolor painting. The Painting may not turn out as I planned, but it works out sometimes for the better. It teaches me not to give up. It teaches me to look inward and outward and trust myself through Gods guidance.Sometimes it teaches me to accept the bad with the good and know it is time not waisted. I learn what not to do. I learn from experience.

Watercolor is an Art of Layer upon layer. It takes patience (which I have a hard time with- as you can see Im a bit heavy handed- too used to working with Oils). In time I start to see that good things are happening; I’m not going down a dead end road. I start to trust the process and continue to move forward. In life I start to realize I am not alone. I feel guidance from a different source. It comes from me but I can feel it comes from another source also. To me that is my Heavenly Father telling me Im not alone. He is always there and he guides me. He expects me to practice,try hard and work in the direction I feel I need to go and things start to happen. I begin to see what he wants me to see – A beautiful life and a beautiful painting. Step-by-Step. Push yourself and Try. Work at it! That’s all He asks. What you get in return for trying is simply AMAZING! It’s the only way I can describe it.

On a less serious side. After I had these thoughts, I went for a walk and as I was walking around a bend I looked up in the sky and saw this.



It made me LAUGH with joy! Life doesn’t always have to be serious. Take time to Laugh! I felt God laughing with me and I definitely felt HIS LOVE!!


One comment

  1. zelma · September 14, 2016

    Amazing story and love your painting! Thanks for sharing your story!


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