Focus and Center myself

I have so many ideas about what I want to do with my art. My head just starts spinning with all my thoughts. I find myself moving too fast and thinking I always have to be doing something and it makes me feel off centered, anxious and not at peace. Art could consume every part of my life if I let it. That is not what I want. I want to be balanced and I tend to be compulsive and get unbalanced quite easily.

Today I took the time to center myself by getting down on my knees and praying to my Father in Heaven. I read an article in the LDS magazine – The Ensign- called “Rooted in Christ” My anxious feeling went away and peace started to enter into me. I’ve made a commitment or goal to start each day in quiet meditation and study of the Scriptures. I find when I do, I get much more out of my day and I am focused and guided in what the Lord would have me do. My priorities are My Faith, My Family, My Friends, My Art- in that order. I love art but I want my art to be a reflection of my love for Heavenly Father. I feel it was God who pushed me to explore art. I never had done much with it for 50 years. I didn’t know I had it in me. I just felt something inside me push me to take the time to learn about it. I want God to be my drive though and not my Art. It is very easy to get the two reversed. When I trust in God and turn my day and life over to Him and ask for His Spirit to guide me in what I should do each day, I am much more happy and at peace.


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