November 22, 2015



Tauranga New Zealand

Just a few more touches.  

watercolor of hill in Tauranga, New Zealand



Nov. 15, 2015

I haven’t had a whole lot of time to paint, but I did start a new watercolor painting.  It is a combination of two photos I took while I was in New Zealand.  I was fascinated by the beautiful “Christmas Trees” they had with beautiful red flowers on them. My husband and I were there in Nov 2014 and the trees were in bloom.  We also saw many sheep along the way.  This is a scene from on top of the hill in Tauranga, New Zeland.                                       IMG_3879

Wallaby in Austrailia -Nov. 6 – 2015

50 resolution - Wallaby

I am starting a series of 5″x5″ small oil paintings.  This is a walleby that my husband and I saw in Melbourne at a small zoo.  They were all around us everywhere.  They loved to be petted.   I love animals, always have.  I love seeing the animals come alive as I paint.

An art teacher of mine showed me how to make these little frames by using masonite board and a kind of silk taffeta that you can buy in a fabric store.  It is great to paint on.  I used an adhesive to attach the taffeta.   I also had some frames made for them by a friend of mine.  They actually look good even without a frame.   I’m exited to get started on them.

Sunday – Finished my watercolor with a bit of struggle.

123. watermark - Amy Wycoff - watercolor

Okay, here is “Amy” finished.  She gave me some problems.  For example , I started out too heavy on the color and then accidently dropped color where color wasn’t suppose to be.  It happened to be a stainer but I refused to give up.  That is one thing I have learned from my art teachers about painting that I didn’t know.  Painting is a problem solving experience.  You don’t give up on it easily. Very rarely do you trash a painting.  That helped to know that.  I just thought artists put everything on canvas or paper with ease and were so good that they never had problems.  That is not so.  I have only been painting for 7 years but I have talked to seasoned artists and they still have their battles.

Saturday nite- Halloween

I have finished my watercolor of my niece and will be downloading it tomorrow.  I also did a 5″x5″ oil painting to put on my website under small paintings – 5″x5″-  These smaller painting will come with a frame that I had a friend of mine put together.  I made the  board that they are painted on with silk tafetta fabric.  I learned how to do it from a artist friend and will try and share it with you.   I would do all this tonight but I have the stomach flu and am heading to bed.  Happy Halloween.