I’m back.  I have had a few more hours to work on a new painting.  I can tell I haven’t painted for awhile.  I tend to go a bit heavy on the color.  I had to tone her way down.  Oh by the way, I’m working on a painting of my niece.  I was told it didn’t have the right lighting for a good painting but I just loved the picture so I am attempting it anyway.  This is a picture of my niece in a big furry snow parka and all you can see is her furry hood and her face and big beautiful eyes:) It is not finished yet, hopefully in    a few days.

Amy in her snow parka - painting in process


What’s Happening Today? Lytle Bit Artistic by Carol Lytle

  •  Thursday – Someone told me it was a good idea to attach a blog to my site.  I finished my website .  Next step is a blog.  I am quite busy so this may not be updated as much as i would like.  I haven’t done a lot of painting this week.  My Grandbabies needed some tending.  I took an hour today and while my grandaughter was sleeping , I started a new painting.  It’s a picture of my niece in a snow parka.  Tomorrow I will take a picture in progress.  My goal is to paint as much as I can.  Maybe by writing this down, it will give me a little nudge to do more.